The society’s goal is to spread the knowledge of Japanese Jiu-jitsu and Japanese culture. In this regard, it is important for us to create the necessary conditions for preserving the traditions of Jiu-jitsu and to respect the virtues that may include.

It is our intention to promote a hard-working and stable character and cultivate a good kind and non-violent behavior in our students.     

The society encourages contact with other clubs and possibly collaborating with each other.  Therefore, everyone is welcome as our society welcomes diversity.

We want and recognize that it is possible to train differently from club to club and we leave it up to the individual society to convey their own styles.

It is our conviction that the way Jiu-jitsu is practiced is largely decided by the individual society. The difference in the way of training from society to society is necessary, as it will test different views that are so important for the development of Jiu-jitsu. Whether it is practiced merely as exercise, or viewed historically, both are equally good. Jiu-jitsu has much more to offer than just techniques, it also improves both physical and mental health. With this, the foundation is laid for the development of Jiu-jitsu., but certainly also for the entire Budo family. It is our hope that will be room for diversity and the desire to share knowledge.